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The Sweetest Christmas – Hallmark Movie Review

The Sweetest Christmas – Hallmark Movie Review

The Sweetest Christmas

Lacey Chabert does it again! This time she plays Kylie Watson who reeeaaallly needs money to start her online cake business. Luckily, after her application for a startup business loan is denied, she finds out she made it as a semifinalist into the American Gingerbread Competition. Is that a real thing?? Can I go? Unfortunately, she only has six days to make her final gingerbread entry and her sister’s (where she’s living) oven is broken and won’t be fixed for seven days. Obviously she has to ask her childhood/high school sweetheart who owns a pizzeria, who is divorced and has a cute seven-year-old son, who still lives in the same (seemingly small) town, who she hasn’t seen in about five years? Somehow? I digress, she asks Nick (that’s his name and he’s played by a square jawed Lea Coco who seems very tall) if she can use one of his ovens in his restaurant to get ready for the competition. He says no way and they never see each other again. Just kidding! This is Hallmark! Of course he says yes. Of course their old sparks come right back. And of course she spruces up his Christmas for his son (I think his name was Bobby or Jamie or something).

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There is also an ex boyfriend, a strange, hyped up proposal, and a snarky sister character to dole out the appropriate amounts of both eyerolls and punny jokes.

Okay, this movie was a cute one. The two would be/has-been lovebirds have some classic moments like falling into each others’ arms when one of them slips on a ladder and the awkwardly longing looks when a stranger mistakes them for a couple and the holding ice to the burn on the girl’s arm and then looking surprised at how attracted they are to each other. None of us were. But we like to think they are. It’s more fun.

Yes, this movie is formulaic to the extreme… even for Hallmark, but I’ve got to hand it to Lacey. No matter how many times she says some version of, “I just need to (fill in the blank) to start my (fill in the blank) business!” I can’t help rooting for her. She’s a cutie.

My favorite scene was probably when Lacey/Kylie’s two nieces are playing in the snow and one little girl just completely dumps the other one off the sled and onto her face when she’s fed up with her all while their mother looks on chuckling sweetly. It was a really nice, relatable moment for me.

Oh, and I need to leave you with this question:

Would a man who’s supposed to be pretty casual and chill wear a shiny, camel (almost mustard/gold) wool (almost velvet!) long blazer/coat thing (clearly I should learn more fashion terms)? And would said guy in said immaculate and beautiful outfit be really cool with his crush throwing old, slushy snow off the streets at him and his snazzy getup? I’m not buying it.

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