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My Secret Valentine – Hallmark Movie Review

my secret valentine hallmark movie

My Secret Valentine – Hallmark Movie Review

This was maybe the booziest of all Hallmark movies ever. I mean, really. People were drinking nonstop. Of course this was probably due to the fact that it took place at a winery, but still… I just couldn’t figure out how all these peeps were tossing it back with and in between every meal and never got even the least bit tipsy. That might have actually improved things, tbh.

As much as I love Lacey, this movie fell a little flat for me. I’m also a big fan of Andrew Walker. No one has ever looked so much  like Kermit the Frog while simultaneously remaining adorably handsome. But despite a winning combo, I didn’t feel the chemistry.

The basic premise is that Chloe (Chabert) feels trapped in a dead end restaurant job and goes home to her family’s winery to clear her head for a week. While there she finds out that her dad is considering selling their winery to a boxed wine company who’s “slick salesman” Seth (Walker) is there to close the deal. Sparks (mildly) fly as the two banter and argue about his motives and how she believes the winery should stay in the family (Why did she leave to go work at a restaurant then??). Simultaneously, Chloe begins a little chalkboard notes romance with the tenant staying in her family’s cabin who is, ding ding, you guessed it, Seth.

So here’s the thing, if you haven’t already guessed it, this is your basic You’ve Got Mail wannabe. Like down to the “I think we should meet” date where the guy sees the girl and realizes what’s going on and decides to play it out and make her fall in love with both of his personas. There’s nothing wrong with remakes. Some of my favorite movies are remakes. Some of my favorite songs are covers. You’ve Got Mail was actually remake of a fantastic 1930s Jimmy Stewart movie called Shop Around the Corner. Which was also remade into a cute Judy Garland musical called In the Good Old Summertime. However, if you’re gonna remake a classic, you better do a really, really good job. And this just didn’t measure up. Without that comparison, it may have made a better impression.

That being said, I liked Lacey’s hair and Andrew’s wardrobe. I liked the wine country scenery and the farmer’s markets. Better luck next time, Lacey! You know I’m always rooting for you!

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