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Review of Very, Very Valentine – Starring Danica McKellar

very very valentine hallmark movie review

Review of Very, Very Valentine – Starring Danica McKellar

Oh, this movie made me laugh. So hard. I don’t think it was really always  meaning to, but we were thoroughly entertained. The story goes like this: Florist Helen (McKellar) and botanist Henry (Mathison) are best friends who (shhh!) love each other without admitting to it. But when shy Helen decides to start taking more risks, she meets a masked man at a masquerade ball only to lose him at the figurative stroke of midnight. Henry helps her track him down and plays matchmaker to make her happy. But eventually they realize that their own true love may have been right in front of them all along.

Okay, so this wasn’t my favorite Hallmark movie. It wasn’t even my favorite Danica McKellar movie. None of these actors were on their a-game, but there were a lot of heartfelt moments and I’m a sucker for a best friends love story since that kinda resonates with me (wink, wink, Brandon). The “villain” Charles (our would be Cinderella man) played by Damon Runyan was just too much. He refused to look at anyone unless he tucked his chin down so that his chiseled cheekbones fairly bulged out of his face and his eyes took a slightly venomous glare. What was maybe supposed to be charming quickly turned wax-mustache comical.

Also, everyone was a little too old. Or they just looked like it. I mean, I’ve seen most of these actors within the last year or two and I don’t think they could have aged that fast. Hair and makeup? Costuming? And not that older people can’t fall in love, but they seemed to be getting a little old for these roles. It just got a little funny to see two presumably 46 year old men have a discussion on women that sounded more appropriate to a couple shy teenagers going on their first dates.

Overall take away- if you’re filming in Canada in December, maybe choose a thicker sweater or at least some nipple guards for the male lead.


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