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Miss Christmas – Hallmark Movie Review

Miss Christmas – Hallmark Movie Review

Miss Christmas

With Hallmark really going above and beyond this year as far as number of Christmas movies crammed into one season, I have to be slightly more selective on which movies I see. –Who am I kidding, I’ll see all of them. But it might take me longer than usual. Anyway, the minute I saw the name Brooke D’Orsay, it shot to the top of my list. Her Hallmark movie ‘How to Fall In Love” with dreamy Eric Mabius is basically the reason I fell hard for the Hallmark formula.

Here’s the gist:

Holly, the world’s most positive and cheerful Christmas fanatic (with the most beautiful head of hair ever) works every year to find the perfect (enormous) Christmas tree for the big lighting in Chicago every year. When their original tree falls through, Holly finds the perfect replacement in Wisconsin, but the cute, divorced/single father, and somewhat stubborn farmer, Sam (Marc Blucas), doesn’t want to part with it. So begins Holly’s personal mission to not only get the tree but also save Sam’s self proclaimed Grinch-hood. No big surprises, a happily ever after for everyone involved, and some very sweet dialogue.

So now for the nitty gritty.

Brooke’s character is the EPITOME of Christmas spirit. Her name is Holly, for crying out loud. She wears red, has a red car, her phone case is even a ruby red, and her ringtone is Jingle Bells. It’s not surprising her nickname is Miss Christmas. She’s also the happiest and sweetest person I’ve never met in real life. Do you think people smile that much in real life? Even when they’re alone? Maybe we should! Although she is a really pretty cryer in the one scene she’s not completely jubilant.

Blucas hasn’t exactly aged amazingly. I hate to say it, but it’s true! He’s still cute, but not quite up to his steamy Buffy the Vampire days. When he wore a really unfortunate hat in one scene I decided I should probably have been the hair/wardrobe/makeup person. But then Brooke always looks amazing (she even made an ugly sweater sexy when she joins in on Sam’s family tradition– which was kind of weird actually. I kept imagining the family members asking her where her pants were since they gave her what they thought was a sweater and she apparently took for a mini dress. Hmmm). So maybe I could just be the men’s stylist? I don’t know how movie making works.

Anywho, the two main characters have a very cute relationship that feels pretty real despite the fact that Holly’s assistant (who is kind of the worst, by the way) asks her if she’s falling for him after they’ve known each other for about 1.5 days. He’s friendly, but gruff when he get’s emotional or romantic and she loves gift wrapping (didn’t know that was possible) and even get’s excited about a plain cardboard box. True story. They’re a perfect fit!

Here’s my main beef with the story (well, besides that one unfortunate hat). Holly blames her lack of a boyfriend on being a workaholic. But if the only thing she does all year is find a Christmas tree for the lighting ceremony, what the heck is she doing that keeps her so busy?!

And here’s my favorite line:

“Now that I know this person exists… How can I live without them?”  (Cuuuute!)

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