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Love, Fall, & Order Movie Review

love fall & order hallmark movie

Love, Fall, & Order Movie Review

love fall & order movie review

Image courtesy of Hallmark

A new Hallmark movie is always something to look forward to. Make it an Autumn/Harvest type movie that was filmed where I currently live, it is extra exciting. Add in the fact that my husband (a bigger of fan of Hallmark than your mom and your grandmother combined) got to be an extra and it becomes an event. 

October 12th was that event at our house. And short of renting an actual red carpet, all of my (very manly) husband’s dreams came true. Love, Fall, and Order did no disappoint. 

The premise is this: Doe-eyed girl (seriously, her eyes were perfection) moves away from a small Vermont (but filmed in Utah, woot! woot!) town and becomes a lawyer for a firm in NYC. Her father calls to tell her that his neighbor is suing him for a parcel of his land that she believes belongs to her. Girl comes home, raring to go, metaphorically and literally suiting up for legal battle (serendipitously this is all right when her father hosts the town’s legendary Fall Festival, which just happens to take place right on that parcel of land the neighbor wants). Come to find out, the neighbor’s nephew (also a lawyer, also her high school arch nemesis [not really, they just competed to be the best at everything… or maybe just captain of the debate team], also v cute and dreamy in a beach-boy/youngish-wannabe-Robert-Redford-kinda-way — although the heroine chose to describe him as an “L.L. Bean Catalog model” which I thought aged her to around 47 instead of late 20s which she is supposed and looks to be. This is a very long parenthetical phrase. Still with me?) has recently moved back to town to take over someone’s firm. Maybe his Uncle’s? And he’s representing his Aunt who is suing the heroine’s dad. This poses a problem as the two legal lovebirds start to rekindle past flirtatious rivalries (debate club again) and fall in love. 

Can their love survive the tension of an intense legal battle? Can the neighbors reach a peaceful resolution? Will the Fall Festival live up to the hype? (Spoiler Alert!! It does!) But most importantly, WILL WHEELBARROW MAN (my manly husband) LOAD ALL THE PUMPKINS INTO THE WHEELBARROW?! Well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

wheelbarrow man hallmark

The wheelbarrow man makes an appearance

My beefs: The heroine (I really should look up their names) was a little toooo competitive. And into the fact that she’s competitive. By the end, I wanted to ask the hero if he really wanted to compete over who gets all the blankets in bed and who gets more cookies, but I guess that’s all marriages, right? Just mine? Okay, moving on…

Favorite things: Location, location, location. Can’t beat Utah as fake Vermont. Also, I like the actor who played the heroine’s dad. Gregory Harrison. (That’s the name I remember. Go figure.) I only know this because we looked him up while we were watching to confirm that he was also smokin’ when he was younger. Nice. And lastly, it was a sweet story and although I have no idea how these two, busy lawyers will make it work long distance, I’m rooting for them!!!

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