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Lacey Chabert – The Queen of Hallmark Movies

lacey chabert

If I had to pick someone to be the Queen of Hallmark movies, it would have to be Lacey Chabert. I think there could be a strong argument made for Candace Cameron Bure, but I’m going to give Lacey the edge here, if only because I happen to like her better. And if we’re being totally honest, my favorite Hallmark gal is Autumn Reeser (the girl can’t make a bad Hallmark movie!!), but Lacey still wins for sheer volume.

She originally stole our hearts in Mean Girls as Gretchen Wieners, a self conscious, stuck up, but eager to please “mean girl” who kept trying to make the word “fetch” happen. After that she… I actually have no idea what she did during the next decade or so… Does it matter?! She is now firmly entrenched where she belongs. On the Hallmark channel. And, you’re welcome, I’m going to rank them all for you.

(Disclaimer: There is one I haven’t seen. The Color of Rain (2014). The premise actually sounds pretty good. I gotta carve out some time before Hallmark Christmas movies start rolling in…)

10. Elevator Girl

Uptight boy meets free spirited girl. They fall in love at first sight. They question if they’re right for each other. They decide, rightly so, that they complete each other. It’s predictable, but no one comes knocking on Hallmark’s doors for plot twists. It’s a cute movie. The actors are cute. The story is cute. But it’s just a little bit boring.

9. My Secret Valentine

Sort of a You’ve Got Mail premise, but without the true romance or comedy. Not my favorite from Lacey. The movie also starred Andrew Walker (another one of my favorites), but he didn’t perform great either. It did have a lot of booze though, as it centered around a winery. Worth a watch.

8. A Christmas Melody

I feel like this movie was a vehicle to show off some serious star power. Mariah Carey plays the mean mom who dominates the town’s Christmas musical extravaganza. Lacey is our new nice mom of a cool tween girl who bonds with an even cooler teacher (Brennan Elliot- more on him later). Sparks fly, new girl gets her moment to shine, true love wins! I like this movie, but too much time was spent on Mariah Carey. I get it. She’s a legend! But let’s move on and make more room for Elliot’s killer grin.

7. A Royal Christmas

This storyline is always a winner. Undercover prince falls for a normal, American girl. And we can’t forget the overbearing mother who thinks she’s not good enough (Hellooooo, Jane Seymore! All the heart eyes). But the relationship falls a little flat because the chemistry is too weak. If you really want this plot, try Crown for Christmas (Danica McKellar! Another Hallmark queen contender). That one is an absolute gem.

6. All of My Heart: Inn Love

This is the sequel to All of My Heart and it’s good. It really is! It’s just that it pales in comparison to the first one. They had a good thing so they pretty much just did it again. They revisit all the same issues that they had to work through in the first movie and despite the lovable characters, it feels a little stale.

5. A Wish for Christmas

First of all, Lacey’s co-star Paul Greene is the cuuutest. He’s the all-american, blond, blue-eyed, boy next door, devil may care (how many cliches can I use to describe him?) guy and the plot here is solid. Quiet girl who lets people walk all over her makes a wish and receives the courage to stand up for herself for 48 hours. This works out great at her job and she even lands the guy after she realizes the magic was there inside her ALL ALONG! It’s good, but a liiittle bit forgettable. I had to remind myself what this one was about and it only came out last year.

4. Matchmaker Christmas

This has all of the best aspects of what makes Hallmark great. A subtly magical and matchmaking Santa. Fortuitous mishaps. A small town obsessed with Christmas. A mismatched couple (meaning the guy never has time for the girl) just begging to be broken up. And a hunky “friend” who becomes more than a friend by the end of the movie. It’s great movie. You’ll get all those warm Christmasy feels. Makes some cookies and settle in.

3. A Family for Christmas

I LOVE a good Family Man scenario. Don’t get me wrong, no one does it like Nick Cage and Tea Leoni, but Hallmark does their best again and again and again. And I’m not complaining. This one is pretty great. Lacey wakes up one morning, married to her college sweetheart, with two sweet daughters and eventually realizes what really brings meaning to life. It’s a fun one. Cuddle up!

2. Moonlight in Vermont

This one is your classic boy dumps girl, girl pretends to have a boyfriend to make ex jealous, girl ends up falling for new guy. It’s a great formula. Throw in a cozy Vermont town and I’m sold. An added bonus is the snarky dialogue. It kept things interesting and I love a good bicker and banter relationship that grows into love. I remember being slightly let down by the ending. But that could just be me.

1. All of My Heart

The winner! Here we get a small town, fall foliage, old house with rich history (in the non creepy way), Brennan Elliot’s grin, a bicker/banter relationship, and all wrapped up with humor and heart. They even threw in two baby goats! Chabert and Elliot’s chemistry is undeniable and their dialogue felt natural and cute in the best possible sense of the word. The unlikely couple has to conquer their differences and a leaky, dilapidated house that Lacey wants to turn into a B&B to show off her culinary skills. It’s one of the greats as far as Hallmark goes.

And there you have it! Lacey will be starring in The Sweetest Christmas this upcoming Christmas season!

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