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A Harvest Wedding – Hallmark Movie Review

a harvest wedding movie review

A Harvest Wedding – Hallmark Movie Review

Hallmark used to be pretty much just Christmas. Remember that? Waiting all year for the glorious season when we’d get a couple new movies? Thank goodness that’s over. Hallmark finally realized they had a good thing going and they’re doing something about it. And how. Not only are they squeezing over 30 new Christmas movies this year, but we now have things like “Winter Weddings” in January, Valentine’s Day season, Spring Fling, June Brides, Summer Love, Autumn Romance, and whoa, we’re already back at Christmas again. I don’t even know how many movies Hallmark is doing a year now. But it’s gotten to the point where it’s hard to get to them all! So here’s an autumnal love story you won’t want to miss.

A Harvest Wedding (2017)

Jill Wagner and Victor Webster star as a wedding planner and farmer respectively who also happen to be high school sweethearts who have lost touch over the years until Wagner gets hired by Webster’s brother’s fiance as wedding planner. Still with me? Anyway, the engaged couple are in a rush (like, a two week rush) due to the groom’s pending deployment and they want to get married back on the family farm. There’s a lot on the line for Wagner’s character as she wants to land a cover article for a prestigious wedding magazine with this wedding (the bride is from a rich, socialite family) as well as nurture the budding relationship rekindling between her and her farmer.

Cons: So many unbelievable coincidences and miraculous solutions. I mean, the whole save with the chef?? Wait, this is one of the cornerstones of Hallmark movies and part of the reason why we love them! Should we switch it over to the pros?

Pros: Jill Wagner has beautiful hair, skin, eyes, and smile. Also, she has about 7 amazing jackets. I wanted each of them. Webster is hunky and just slightly brooding in a small town, farmers market kind of way. They had decent chemistry. They fell into their roles as a constantly reminiscing ex-couple who clearly never got over each other very well. While the pretty foliage didn’t always look completely realistic, it was still pretty. Great lighting so everyone looks super healthy and happy. Also, the ending was just a tiny bit surprising which was awesome! I mean, don’t get me wrong, the puzzle pieces fall as you expect them to, just maybe not exactly where you expected. And I like that.

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