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Hallmark Christmas Movies – 2018 Preview!

hallmark christmas movie preview 2018

Hallmark Christmas Movies – 2018 Preview!

Don’t blink or you’ll miss them! With 36 Christmas movies this holiday season, Hallmark is bringing it! They started extra early this year too (thank you btw) – before Halloween! Below is the list of our most anticipated Hallmark Christmas movies, in order of premiere date (if you’ve missed any, you can catch the replays!)…

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‘Christmas At Pemberley Manor’ — Oct. 27

Jessica Lowndes and Michael Rady star in the first film of the season, in which New York event planner Elizabeth Bennett (Lowndes) is tasked with putting together a small town’s holiday festival. The only thing standing in her way is local Scrooge/billionaire William Darcy (Rady), and the pair soon finds themselves tangled up in a high-stakes, rollercoaster romance. (If those names sound familiar, it’s because this movie sounds like a take on Jane Austen’s iconic romance Pride & Prejudice).

‘Christmas Joy’ — Nov. 3

Joy Holbrook (Danielle Panabaker) is a big-city market researcher with her sights set on a holiday promotion. She’s forced to take her eye off the prize, though, after her Aunt Ruby sustains an injury back at home. Her one-time crush, Ben Andrew (played by Matt Long), turns out to be the hospital administrator where Joy’s aunt is recovering. The two begrudgingly join forces to nurse Ruby back to health, and quickly rekindle old feelings.

‘Road To Christmas’ — Nov. 4

Danny Wise (played by Chad Michael Murray!!!) and Maggie Baker (Jessy Schram) are two TV producers with something special in common: Danny’s mother, Julia. Danny used to produce Julia’s popular Christmas special, Julia Wise Lifestyle, but Maggie has since taken over. In the spirit of the holidays, Maggie tries to reunite Danny with his now-estranged family during the special’s live-taping, but things don’t quite go as planned.

‘It’s Christmas, Eve’ — Nov. 10

In It’s Christmas, Eve, country music star Leanne Rimes plays Eve, an interim school superintendent in her old hometown who’s tasked with making some difficult budget decisions. She’s keen to cut the school’s music program, until she meets Liam, a handsome teacher in that very department. Eve tries to save his class by prosing a Christmas miracle, and ends up falling in love with Ian along the way.

Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Shane Mahood

‘Christmas In Love’ — Nov. 11

Ellie Hartman (Brooke D’Orsay – one of our favorites!) is a small-town baker with big dreams. Her dreams, however, don’t align with those of CEO Nick Carlingson (Daniel Lissing), who wants to modernize Ellie’s bakery and lay off a ton of her staff. While doing her best to change Daniel’s mind, Ellie ends up falling for her one-time adversary — the only problem is that following her heart may force her to let go of her dreams.

‘Christmas At Graceland’ — Nov. 17

There’s a family-owned bank up for grabs in Memphis, and Laurel (Kellie Pickler – another country music star!) is determined to nab it. She becomes distracted from the acquisition by Clay (Wes Brown), her old music-producer beau who makes her question her current path in life.

‘Mingle All The Way’ — Nov. 18

Molly (Jen Lilley) is the founder of Mingle All The Way, a dating app for professionals who need temporary plus-one partners for holiday events. When she ends up joining her own app herself, she’s matched with Jeff (Brant Daugherty – from Pretty Little Liars), a familiar — and not so welcome — face from her past. Despite their rocky history, Molly and Jeff stay the course, and eventually start seeing one another in a brand new light.

‘Christmas At Grand Valley’ — Nov. 22

Kelly (Danica McKellar – a true Hallmark star!), an artist, returns home to Grand Valley before Christmas in hopes of finding new inspiration. An out-of-town hotel reviewer named Leo (Brennan Elliott) — along with his children — provides Kelly with a refreshing perspective that leaves her feeling re-invigorated about her career.

See our review of Danica McKellar’s Very Very Valentine here.

Hallmark Channel

‘Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe’ — Nov. 23

Darcy (Lacey Chabert – if Danica is a star, Lacey is the legend. We like to call here the Queen of Hallmark Movies) reconnects with Luke (Brendan Penny), an old rival, while visiting home for Christmas after the two get paired up to plan a holiday charity event. Their one-time rivalry slowly turns into something more, and motivates Darcy to reconnect with her previously estranged father.

‘Christmas Everlasting’ — Nov. 24

Shortly before making partner at her firm, corporate lawyer Lucy Toomey (Tatyana Ali – my husband’s crush from her Fresh Prince days in the 90’s) learns that her sister Alice has unexpectedly passed away. Lucy heads home to attend the funeral and handle her sister’s estate, where she encounters Peter (Dondre T. Whitfield) — her old high school sweetheart and Alice’s former attorney.

‘A Shoe Addict’s Christmas’ — Nov. 25

While working late at her department store job on Christmas Eve, Lucy (Candace Cameron Bure of Full House fame) accidentally gets locked inside the building. She realizes she’s not alone, though, when a woman named Noelle suddenly appears in the shoe section, and tells Lucy that she’s her guardian angel. The pair revisit Lucy’s past, present, and future Christmases together, which teaches her an important lesson in self-discovery.

‘Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa’ — Dec. 1

A historic town general store is forced to shut down, but Lisa (Jill Wagner) intends on reviving it. A local contractor named Kevin (Mark Deklin) helps Lisa with the repairs, and the two soon find themselves falling in love. While attempting to rebuilt the general store, Lisa, Kevin, and the rest of the community encounter some surprises — including a 25-year-old un-mailed letter to Santa that brings them all together.

Hallmark Channel

‘Homegrown Christmas’ — Dec. 8

Maddie (Lori Loughlin – another crush of my husband’s from her Full House days) leaves her job and heads home for the holidays to rethink her path. While there, she runs into Carter (Victor Webster), her old high school sweetheart. At first, they don’t get along. After being forced to work together on a local project, though, they rekindle the feelings they felt all those years ago.

‘Memories of Christmas ‘ — Dec. 8

After her mother — “the queen of Christmas” — passes away, Noelle (pop star Christina Milian) inherits her famously-decorated estate. There, she encounters Dave (Mark Taylor), who’d been working as her mother’s holiday decorator all along. As they work together to carry on Noelle’s mother’s festive legacy, they both find love and some unexpected Christmas joy.

‘Once Upon a Christmas Miracle’ — Dec. 9

If Heather Krueger (Aimee Teegarden – my husband had a crush on her in Friday Night Lights – this is getting ridiculous) can’t find a liver transplant soon, she’ll only have three months to live. A stranger named Chris Dempsey (Brett Dalton) ends up being a perfect match, and the two end up becoming close. Their relationship develops over the course of three Christmases, and proves that Christmas miracles truly do exist.

‘A Gingerbread Romance’ — Dec. 15

Taylor’s (Tia Mowry-Hardrict from Sister Sister!) architecture firm enters her into a contest to build a life-sized gingerbread house. When her partner leaves her in the lurch, she meets Adam (Duane Henry), a local baker and single father. Taylor convinces Adam to be her new partner in the contest — which could be the key to an out-of-city promotion for Taylor — and suddenly, she discovers she may have a reason to stay right where she is.

‘Entertaining Christmas’ — Dec. 16

Kara (Jodie Sweetin) is the daughter of a multi-talented media darling on the verge of retirement. She’s expected to become the face of the brand in the very near future, but doesn’t quite share the same talents as her mother. Kara’s abilities are tested when she’s sent on a good-will mission in the place of her mother, thanks to a local reporter looking to make her his big story.

Hallmark Channel

‘Jingle Around the Clock’ — Dec. 22

Right before Elle (Brooke Nevin) and her old friends are supposed to have a Christmas-time reunion, her boss puts her on a project that she just can’t pass up. Max (Michael Cassidy), her partner on the project, doesn’t make things easy, though. As Elle and Max begin to fall in love, she struggles to complete the project, sustain their relationship, and make it home in time for the reunion.

‘Christmas Made to Order’ — Dec. 23

Gretchen (Alexa PenaVega – we loved her in Enchanted Christmas last year) is a coordinator tasked with planning a holiday celebration for an architect and his family. Not only does she manage to bring joy to him and his loved ones, but Gretchen and the architect find some joy together, too. When she’s offered a major opportunity, though, Gretchen begins to question what’s important in life.

‘When Calls the Heart Christmas’ — Dec. 25

After an orphanage and its caretakers become stranded in Hope Valley, Bill (Jack Wagner) learns that they’re struggling to stay afloat. Abigail (Lori Loughlin) and the rest of the town want to make this Christmas special for the down-on-their-luck kids and caretakers, so they all come together in a heart-warming show of support.

That’s a lot to take in. But it’s a great lot! We’re so excited for this lineup. Set your recordings and enjoy! And make sure to check back here for our reviews of each!

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