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Coming Home for Christmas – A Hallmark Movie Review

Coming Home for Christmas – A Hallmark Movie Review

Coming Home for Christmas

Yay Danica McKellar! She’s another contender for queen of Hallmark, although Lacey Chabert edged her out. So let’s make Dani the princess of Hallmark. Anyway, onto the movie. I…. LOVED it! This is a good one. Lizzie (played by Danica) goes to work for a rich family and transforms everyone around her with her smile, spunk, and holiday spirit. In the process, she finds love, discovers her true calling, and gets a wealthy benefactress to get her a ball gown and diamond necklace for the annual Christmas gala. Dreams do come true! Also, I forgot to mention two rich brothers fall in love with her. My kind of dilemma. I’m happily married. Calm down, Brandon.

Okay, so here are a bunch of selling points:

Lizzie is the cutest little ball of energy that ever became a house manager for a super rich family with a 20,000 square feet colonial style house outside of DC.

The two rich brothers are both really, really tall. Robert (played by Neal Bledsoe) is clearly the better one. He’s a gruff and tough (although a gentleman through and through) business man. At first he appears a bit heartless, but of course we find out that he’s just a boy who had to grow up too fast and is forced to make all the hard decisions for his family. As previously mentioned, he’s very tall, wears nice clothes, and has a deep voice. He’s also able to plan a swoon-worthy date for under $20, which is really important to Lizzie for some reason. Something to do with her parents.

There’s a very formal butler who warms up due to Lizzie’s disarming friendliness. He finally calls her by her first name!

Lizzie – 1. Middleaged American men pretending to be British – 0.

There’s a dramatic dip kiss. As in, the hero dips the heroine dramatically as he goes in for the long anticipated lip lock. I actually can’t decide if this belongs in the positives or negatives list. It was sweet, but a little dramatic for my tastes. I mean, Lizzie is already a foot shorter than Robert. Do we need to make it more apparent?

Some probs:

Robert’s sister comes to the house with her two young sons to spend Christmas. Her husband refuses to come with them because he can’t find a job after losing his last and the huge house combined with the fact that they had to dip into her substantial trust fund are too much for his fragile ego. I get a man wanting to be the provider, but spending Christmas away from your wife and kids because you feel like a failure? Makes it hard to root for the guy.

Kip, brother #2 is incredibly annoying. I mean, I guess it’s okay since you’re not meant to be rooting for him, but I wanted a little more believability in his “charm.” He had an overly intense grin and look in his eye during single every scene. Including gleefully (almost manically) finding a tree in the forest to chop down for Christmas. Calm down, dude. Cool it with the serial killer vibes.

The dip kiss. (Still TBD).

Alright, so the final verdict is this one was a real Hallmark winner. And the moral of the story is apparently everyone (online) except me already knew what a yule log dessert was. Why has no one ever made me one?

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